About Us

Phone: (626) 800-2625
Monday-Friday 11am-4pm PST

Please take a look at our frequently asked questions before sending us an email. This will help our team be more responsive to your emails.

- When will someone respond to my email?
Our team is always hard at work responding to messages and phone calls as timely as possible. However, occasionally we can be backed up and may take a day or so to respond to your email. Please DO NOT spam our Instagram and Facebook Messenger demanding a response. The more SPAM messages we receive, the more it delays the response time. The best way to get in contact with us is through EMAIL. It helps us to keep track of conversations and order information.

- When will my order ship?
All our products have an average processing and shipping time that is listed on each product description. If you are still within this time frame please do not email. Please wait until you are passed our average processing and shipping time.

- Where is my tracking?
You should receive one confirmation email the day your order is placed and one email with tracking once your order has shipped. If you have not received a tracking AFTER the processing time, please send an email.

- Where are my packages?
If you have not received your packages or are missing one of the boxes, please review your tracking information before contacting us. UPS and Fedex having a great tracking history that keeps its customers up to date on where their packages are. Please contact the shipping service FIRST if your tracking states missing/lost or delayed. We are unable to locate your package once it has left our facility. Only the shipping service will be able to help locate your items.

- Can you rush my order?
We do NOT offer any rush order options. We do NOT offer 2 day or overnight shipping for our items as they are too large. We also do NOT offer any additional payments to cut down the processing time. All our items are packaged in the order that they are received.

- Can you sponsor me?
At this time we are NOT offering sponsorships. We are proud to have so much interest from folks wanting to be part of our team as a sponsored vehicle, however it is very costly. We prefer to use this funding to produce parts for more vehicles.

- Do you make anything for my car?
If you do not see anything listed for your vehicle on our site, we do NOT currently offer it. We do our best to offer several UNIVERSAL trunk mount wings and chassis mount wing parts so you may CUSTOM fit them for your application. Our UNIVERSAL trunk mount wings are not meant to be an exact fit. They are a BASE item that will require customization to fit perfectly. Please do NOT expect these items to be an exact fit. Please do NOT email us asking why our UNIVERSAL kit does not fit your car perfectly.

- Will this fit my car?
Please do NOT email us asking if our "2015 Ford Mustang V4 Chassis Mount Wing" will fit your "2012 Ford Fusion". No it will NOT fit. If it fit, we would have listed it as such. Please do NOT ask us how to make it fit.

- Can you make a custom kit for my car?
Please do NOT email us asking for a custom made wing kit or body kit specific for your vehicle. Each kit listed on our site requires an extensive amount of R&D. Our kits take months to develop and lots of trial and error. It's also very costly.



Battle Aero is an up and coming company gaining momentum in the automotive world with eye catching performance Wings. Designed to be functional and able to withstand the rigors of the real world, while still giving attractive eye appeal.

Our goal here at Battle Aero is to create a wing that is fully obtainable by the masses, fully functional, and affordable.

Drastically change the look of your performance or show car with a Battle Aero Wing today.

New designs always flowing through our team at Battle Aero, so check us out on Instagram #battle_aero for new & upcoming designs!!