Converting 08-10 WRX (Narrow Body) To 11-14 Widebody w/ Battle Aero Fender Flares


Many Subaru owners have been asking for a widebody kit for the 08-10 WRX Narrow Body, but there isn't an option out there that looks just right, Until now!

The New Battle Aero 11-14 WRX GR/GV Widebody Fender Flares also fits onto the 08-10 WRX Narrow Body.

We designed these fender flares to go over the narrow body and line up to the body lines that are present on both (08-10) Narrow Body and (11-14) Widebody WRX. Both Narrowbody & Widebody WRX Have the same headlights, taillights, and rear quarter panel shoulder line.

This Widebody Fender Flare kit is available for both the 08-14 Subaru WRX Hatchback & Sedan.

To make this kit work on the (08-10) narrow body it will require Front end conversion to 11-14 WRX Front/Rear Bumpers, Front Fenders, and Side Skirts:

When installing Rear Bumper from 11-14 WRX on to Narrow body WRX, the bumper will be wider than the narrowbody quarter panel. That isn't an issue as the fender flares will cover that gap once installed.

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